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Usually when I want to buy something that has more value than a lazy cheeseburger I do my online research. If I see a great offer I saved that website and online store and compare it with other great offers and online discounts for a particular product. It can be anything from a new car to a television and computers, garden tools, home improvement, insurance and other services. If it is possible I even go to a Physical store if it is possible. It is always great to be able to touch and feel a product before buying. Like when you test drive a new car and review it yourself instead of just reading a review. If you are gonna do some home improvement and fix your kitchen or other parts of your house bathrooms etc. then you can always find some great deals online, but also check the products in a real store before buying. Combine those two are very good and then you will not be disappointed . TopStarReviews.com compare the best selling home improvement products and garden tools. Have a look here at their site. Compare Prices.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is the most famous car brands according to google search!

This is the most famous car brands according to google search!

Here you can see what the most popular car brand is in your country according to google. It is always interesting to see what people are actually searching for when it comes to car brands. The most googled car brand does not mean the most sold car brand in a country. But it is off-course close to that. Fx. The most googled car brand in Sweden is Volvo, but the most sold car brand in Sweden is Volkswagen. But if gives a good indication what people like. It amazes me to see how google famous Toyota and Honda is in North America. I thought Ford would be number 1. But Most people like value for money and I guess Ford is not value for money compared to Toyota and Honda. Honda is one of the most solid build car brand, that builds high quality cars and SUV's for a very competitive price. Honda seems like a car the can last very long time. And people want cars like that. The new Honda CR-V is a very nice car, solid build, good engine and very practical for families and much cheaper than Audi and Mercedes. On the map below you can see the 193 countries where the Quickco web team collected google date from 2016. The only country where France car maker Peogut is the most googled is in a little country called Denmark in Europe! BMW is highly popular in Europe and Hyundai is very popular in Russia. Suzuki is very famous in South America!

famous car brands in google search
Source: Quickco: https://www.quickco.co.uk/blog/post/most-searched-brands-around-the-world-in-2016/104

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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Keys to self confidence and a successful life

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” -Arthur Ashe