Thursday, December 28, 2017

This is the most famous car brands according to google search!

This is the most famous car brands according to google search!

Here you can see what the most popular car brand is in your country according to google. It is always interesting to see what people are actually searching for when it comes to car brands. The most googled car brand does not mean the most sold car brand in a country. But it is off-course close to that. Fx. The most googled car brand in Sweden is Volvo, but the most sold car brand in Sweden is Volkswagen. But if gives a good indication what people like. It amazes me to see how google famous Toyota and Honda is in North America. I thought Ford would be number 1. But Most people like value for money and I guess Ford is not value for money compared to Toyota and Honda. Honda is one of the most solid build car brand, that builds high quality cars and SUV's for a very competitive price. Honda seems like a car the can last very long time. And people want cars like that. The new Honda CR-V is a very nice car, solid build, good engine and very practical for families and much cheaper than Audi and Mercedes. On the map below you can see the 193 countries where the Quickco web team collected google date from 2016. The only country where France car maker Peogut is the most googled is in a little country called Denmark in Europe! BMW is highly popular in Europe and Hyundai is very popular in Russia. Suzuki is very famous in South America!

famous car brands in google search
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Keys to self confidence and a successful life

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” -Arthur Ashe

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Do People Buy Premium Expensive Products Online?

What are the most expensive products people buy online? I like to call them premium products or high-end products or basically house appliance products. People are actually buying stuff for their house and garden online on amazon and eBay for thousands of dollars. And there is a lot of money to safe, even though you have to add shipping as well. You can safe a lot of money on these products. In this blog I will write about some of the premium bestsellers that people love to buy. Also watches and fine jewelry, money investing, currency invest, horse riding equipment, exercise machines and much more are very popular online purchases. When you buy on amazon and eBay you can be protected with some of the shopping insurances/warranty laws etc. You can read about these on their websites. But I will also write about the consumer protection in my blog. When you buy something expensive you wanna be protected and some online shopping sites offer this. Thee includes many benefits like the right to return, damage items etc. I will cover the special consumer rights here in my blog and also write about the best products to buy online where you can save a lot.

online business success is almost....

Creating online home business is not easy, but it is possible and many people are doing just that. The future of created jobs are being creating in private homes and developed from there and you can do it! You can create your own job market and start your own succesful home online business. It takes hard work and a lot of commitment to establish a succesful online business but it is possible with the right tools, tricks and help. You have to start somewhere and writing a lot of good quality articles is a great idea. Write about your subject and post them around on social media and get traffic to your website. Google loves unique high quality articles and content that can really help people. Creating an attractive website is also important. Make sure you get a website that offers the SSL certificate (https) google favors those sites and it is important that your visitors feel safe and secure on your website. Some people blame google for doing this, but that is just ridiculous, it will make the internet safer. There will be less fake link farms, with fake articles etc. It is only good the google cleans up all the bogus seo websites that will only help those how already earn a lot of money. So make sure that your domain hosting company provides this in their services. I will write more about how the make a succesful business see how it is possible to get rich online!  E-commerce strategies are important And I will give you some insider pro tricks to secret growth for online business. Please save this website.